I have been reading a book lately about the battle of the mind. I am actually on the 15th chapter at this time, which talks about the renewing of the mind. True to waht it says, our actions are a result of our inner thoughts. Nobody can say that he did a certain thing without thinking about it, right? There is always a corresponding thought to everything that we do - because our minds all always busy. If all you ever think about is negativism, then there's no doubt that your life would be a mess.

Who would want a messed up life? We want our life to change for the better..but if we do not change our way of thinking, then everything else will fail - right before our very eye. Start by thinking positve thoughts, and your life lighten up little by little. Instead of brooding over things, act differently. Share one little act of kindness to every person that you meet. Who knows, the next person that you stumble upon may be the one that will save you from your misery ;)
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